Saturday, January 31, 2004

Scott's Continued Thoughts on "The Scarlet Pimpernel" Problem

First off, Em I think you're taking it was too seriously. Not only is it a game, you would have never used it and I probably would've still won it.

Also, that "fortune cookie", I'll believe it when I see it. Since I haven't seen it, I don't believe it. I believe that the fortune cookie was uncalled for and completely unprofessional.

And Em, when you include a link to my page, you might want to link to the top of the page, not just the part when I come down on your side :).

Em's page is going up on the links.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Keep Trying to Understand Me

Okay so we know the facts. Somehow either Joe knew or had a hunch that Em had the Scarlet Pimpernel (or he was betting that Em maybe had the card)

I completely understand why Em would get pissed off, I would be furious. Of course the more important question is whether or not Em would've caught me to win the game. With the cards in my hand, I doubt it but it is possible (heck I got waylaid once, but it took the combined forces of Joe and Em to destroy me).

So wait, is this morally and ethically correct, what Joe did?

Well I don't know the entire situation. Only Joe does. If he had a hunch, then there's no ethical dilemma here and I'm wasting my breath. If he had actually seen it, was he obligated to tell her he saw it or was he fine doing what he did.

This is a gray area. Assuming, as I am, that Joe made no actual attempt to see the card but it was shown in his face, I feel that he did the right thing. Em screwed up. I've done it before. You can't wave your cards around and assume no one is going to see it.

Actually there is a bigger question here, why is Scott talking about moral, ethical dilemmas and a code of honor late on a Friday night.

The answer is in the Quote of the Day...

"I have no life"-Scott

Em got screwed

Wow, in Guillotine tonight. Em, you got screwed, royally.

Basically I was hoping to get the Scarlet Pimpernel out to end the game. Joe's all, "you want it?" Yes "You sure?" yes. "Okay I switch hands with Emily."

"I'm getting the Scarlet Pimpernel, from Emily."

Anyway. Tonight's points were distributed as follows:
Scott-9 points
Joe - 5 points
Em- 4 points

Which makes the running total:
Scott- 16.5 pts
Joe- 10.5 points
Em- 9 points

I'll do a real blog later.

"It isn't that I hate working in the lab, its that I get frustrated."

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Vacuum Energy Disses me again. What else is new?

So, yeah I had to do laundry, finish homework, finish the damn chapter and start reading my Relativistic Quantum Mechanics book. However, all of them were things you couldn't really start and stop. The fluidity of work had to be maintained, so when Joe decided to tell me that he would call me back in regards to dinner, I couldn't really start anything. I could nibble around the edges, but nothing major was accomplished. 5 PM came and no call came "No prob" I thought, "the colloquium let out late". 5:30 (Had to work late in the lab) 6 PM (Okay I NEED TO GET MY LAUNDRY DONE WHERE R U?). Finally at 6:30 came and I called up the lab "Oh well Emily doesn't want to do anything yet. Well nice unilateral decision Emily, but hey nobody gives a crud about Scott (how come I am not surprised?)

It doesn't piss me off that you guys didn't want to do anything. It pisses me off that you guys don't have the decency or the respect of me to give me one minute and to call me and say "This is how things are going down in the lab" or "Scott, no can do" or "Scott, we hate your guts, we hope you'll die a slow and tortuous death rather soon." I have other crap to do in my life. Its not like I usually have enough time to just sit in front of a computer and surf the web for hours every day (Yes, I know you could now be making the argument that I should be working and I am, working on making dinner, by the time you guys enlightened me with your unilateral decision (get that from Bush?) the dining hall was closing and I was forced to scrounge up something GREAT tonight for dinner (POPCORN!! HOW FILLING!!!!! ) so I'm writing this as I'm microwaving popcorn, doing my laundry (6 min till the dryer) and starting to look at my Relativistic Quantum Mechanics book)

Well also, as a final word, I might be in late tomorrow, Joe. 90 minutes late to be precise, I need to make up the time that I lost while waiting for the long lost phone call. Of course, showing up on time and making fun of you to your face is also appealling, so we'll see when I wake up, if I wake up.

"Why Hello, Joe. Nice of you to make a phone call..."

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


hehe, I still haven't written that chapter yet. I got back from Concert Band and basically crapped out. Bummer!

I was wrong. Em is still updating her blog. Oh well. I don't buy clothes online though, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Destroyed Missy in pool today, okay maybe destroyed is a bit of an exxageration, but defeated soundly I think would work.

At Vacuum Energy HQ, a place where I signed up to PARTICIPATE IN EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS, I got another great job today. I got to tighten bolts on the Time of Flight (TOF) section of the apparatus. Wow, so scientific, let me calculate the torque needed to turn the wrench! At least I found the leak and got it from 2.6 x 10^-7 to 2.9 x 10^-9 and then got to set up another bake (WOW-right after I cleaned up the first one!) on the TOF line. THe laser is acting what else is new?

My dad and I actually discussed politics tonight, which was surprising. He thinks that Dean could come back, but isn't for it. Neither am I.

Well, I'm going to try to write this chapter. Its kinda hard, but I'll at least get some done.

"We don't need a psycho with the nuclear codes."-Me on Dean

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

R You the Last one? Yes, Yes I am

Despite my homework, it appears that I am the last one of the three at Vacuum Energy HQ (I'm cringing right after writing that) who is still writing on his blog. I'll live though.

I have so much to do tomorrow morning before going into the lab. I need to print off my Statement for Maryland, the Reminder page so I can get the address necessary to send it to, print off my lab, go down to the Post Office, send off my Maryland stuff and then get some scotch tape to tape in my lab into my lab notebook. Argh! Too much too much to do!

At least I'll have my applications done and the lab will be. Relativity hw is done and so it leaves me with just one thing to do tomorrow night, make my publisher happy and write the damn chapter. hehehe.

Watched American Idol this evening. Funny stuff. Usually most of the bad people are really funny. But then came this guy in San Francisco who immigrated from Hong Kong and wanted to try. He really sucked. I mean he was REALLY bad. Definitely up there for one of the worst. But I liked him, cause despite Randy and Simon laughing (it was a laugher), he said "I have no regrets. I tried my hardest and didn't succeed." and then he walked out of there. Paula and Randy applauded him for his attitude, Simon did kinda, but he was still talking about the fact that the guy sucked. I kinda felt sorry for him but at the same time, I had to applaud him. He tried it out, didn't succeed, but didn't really care. He was imho, the true way how someone who fails and is that bad should leave. He didn't beg for another chance. He didn't entirely believe that he was that bad, but accepted it and left with his head held up high. What makes me laugh are those people who REALLY suck (think Keith from Atlanta and a couple others including the gay guy from NY) who really suck but can't accept it. Its like "guys, get over it, you're not going to make it." Like I don't consider myself to be the best or worst singer in the world but I'm fairly confident that if I tried out for American Idol I would fail. But if I did, even if they told me I sucked (well unless if they said I was the worst singer in the world which I might dispute) I would say "thanks", shake their hands and walk out of there. I wouldn't be happy but they know what works and if they said I was not it, then you know what, "I'm not it." If they put up a video of this guy, I'll link it. I hope if they do though, they show how he left, a little stunned, but accepting of it.

Past that, the error is still there. Don't know yet what I'm going to do with it. And right now I'm getting dead tired so.. hitting the sack.

"A Masculine river comes from and underground fountain, a feminine river comes from a water gap."-Joe
"NOOOOOOOO.. JOE!!!!!!!!"-Scott

I now have Links!

I have now added links to my favorite websites, I started off with just one but a very important one at that,

More will be coming in future days and weeks.

"Huh??? I don't get it."-Emily

Monday, January 26, 2004

Maybe... just maybe I can go to sleep


I'm working on this prob for PHY 462 and getting an error of 300% which tells me either we didn't do enough trials of one specific instance or I'm screwing up the math which could be it (I'm hoping).

Past that..... I'm tired so I'm hitting the sack.

"...alien fecal matter.."- Joe

Sunday, January 25, 2004

New Changes

Well as I'm sure all of you ave noticed, there have been changes made to this blog, due to Vacuum Energy basically stealing my layout. One may notice, that I SPECIFICALLY did not choose the one in Em's blog (see link below, I'm too lazy) because it was her's. So I went around and found my old page on HTML colors and then decided to move my archives up so they would be easier to get to for the common man.

I have a couple other changes planned, but we'll see if I have the time or energy to implement them. Especially since I want to finish this lab for PHY 462 by Wednesday (still need to do graphs and ask Prof. Stone for help on a proof.) I want to finish my Maryland application by Wed also (work on the 2nd essay, already written but some of the wording I don't care for). and I told my publisher of my online story (crud crud crud) that I would have the latest Chap finished by Thurs so he could post it by the end of the week (CRUD!!!!!!!). I told him it was mostly done (HAHAHAHAHA). I still have 3/4 of it to write so it might be pared down some for me to meet the deadline.

Funny story about that. I was in the chatroom and this one guy I know comes up and starts talking to me about his latest collaboration with another author on a story. So he goes on and on about it (I'm getting bored but I'm nice and act interested). Basically its a post-apocalyptic world type thing. So he asks me for my opinion on the story and whether or not its too "depressing". I tell him that I did find it so but I couldn't say much considering my story is out in left field also. He's all "NO NO, that's why you can say something. Maybe you'd like to join us in writing this." I'm all "crud man, I have to finish mine and I have other things to do, so no thanks." and then I get ranted at. hehehe. Whateva, it was kinda funny. Its like "HELLO, McFly!!!!!" If you're already writing a story you kinda need to finish it before starting on the next one!!!!!!

Eh so I'm hitting the sack. I still don't get the whole care to pee thing but I really don't give a blip anymore so.. whateva....

"It's really, really bad."- James referring to the "floundering" joke (Yeah it is, but considering the fact that it really happened, its kinda funny.)
"JOE!!!!! Get some new ideas for your blippin layout!"-Me upon seeing Joe's blog.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

I'm adorable???? huh???

Okay, Emily, you've lost me. Umm whatever. I now need to go dunk my head. I care?? About what??


Oh yeah. here's the link to Em's blog.

(Does a double take) "Okay I just read about pee and now I'm being told I care?"

WtF is he posting on a Sat night?

Well Syracuse lost to Pitt. We again lost badly. This is rapidly becoming clear that we are not last year's team but I still think we'll get into the dance.

And just for you guys to know. I ended up unable to get the LOLB I wanted in the draft (he went #1 overall so when I went to get him with #2, he was gone) so instead I traded for Suggs and Thomas so it was worth it. Only negative is that they are both 25 years old while the average rookie is like 22 so that's 3 less years I get out of them but I still get another 5-7 out of them. In case you didn't know, most football players start off around 22 and reach their peak around 28 to 29. Once they reach 30, unless if their a kicker, punter or Brett Favre, people start looking to replace them (Go Favre!) He reitred, by the way after 2007 and enter the Hall of Fame as a Packer (at the ripe old age of 38).

Last minute post before watching the Pitt game.

Defeated the Saint Louis Rams today, 31-13 to capture my 3rd SB title. HB Shaun Alexander was announced as the MVP as he went 146 yards on 24 carries and a pair of TDs. Vick went 6 for 10 for 169 with 2 TDs also.

I then decided to play the Pro Bowl and won my first Pro Bowl in Madden 2004! This was despite me not calling a play normally I would call for the first 3 quarters. I won 30-21 and am now in the off-season. I need a starting LOLB and RE. I also have the 2nd and 4th overall picks. I'm either going to draft somebody or trade for Terrell Suggs and a 2nd year player called Santana Thomas to fill those two needs (91 and 85 respectively).

Now go Syracuse! Destroy the Panthers!

Friday, January 23, 2004

For those who want to know, I defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 28-16 to advance to the SB. My running game and special teams lead the way with my receivers dropping 6 of the 17 passes thrown their way. Vick went a walloping 4 of 17 for 60 yds. Alexander meanwhile got 151 yards on 24 carries and a pair of TDs. Dante Hall ran back 2 punts for TDs. However, the AFC champs thing didn't happen. I was pissed. I think it was cause on the last play of the game I called a fake spike and threw to Boston who had def pass interference. When I declined it to end the game, I think it put the game in a tizzy and screwed it up at the end. Oh well.

The Rams defeated Brett Favre and the Redskins (argh, still not used to saying that) 23-13 for the NFC Championship, so I play them in the SB. First time I believe I will be playing them so this could be interesting. SB XXXVIII was me defeating the Bucs 17-14. SB XXXIX was me destroying the Cardinals 31-21 (it only got that close when I started screwing around in the end of the game. It was something like 31-14 in the 4th) and SB XL was me losing to the Bucs 23-21 (NOOOO). SB XLI will match the Tennessee Titans vs the Saint Louis Rams in a clash of Football titans!

"What the blip? Where's my cinematic???" - Me upon not getting the cinematic


I just saw the latest commercial and they bring in William Shatner and tell him they're letting him go. And he goes "Who are you going to get to replace me?" and says this supremely confident and then the door open and Leonard Nimoy comes in and goes "Hi, Bill" and he goes "Hi, Leonard." and then does a double take. hehe

In other places...

Starting tonight, we're keeping track of who is doing well in Guillotine. The stats after 3 games are with 3 points for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd and 1 pt for 3rd with ties getting 2.5 and 1.5 for ties in first and second respectively:
Scott- 7.5 points
Joe- 5.5 points
Emily- 5 points

It's nail biting excitement, stay tuned to find out who will win the Vidali Lab Guillotine Championship (must stop getting such large early leads cause then I get ganged up upon). I still will not participate in random choices.

We get weird looks from the people who go into Starbucks but whateva...

Joe came out to 42.857% Nerd. HAHA! He believes that you're only a nerd if you think you are one. Completely wrong there.

Now going off to defend my AFC Championship.

"We.. We...mean you no harm." - Joe's impression of William Shatner

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Nobody deserves it more, well except perhaps Kobe, Shaq, any LA Laker, Tiger, eh what am I saying? But still, gj Keyshawn.


hehehe...... I'm watching tape of the New Hampshire Democratic Debate and I'm laughing while I'm remembering a Conan show the other night with Congressman Kucinich, they portrayed Kucinich on that flat panel television as this little dude. If you've seen it before, (before I continue, Gen. Clark just applauded Sen. McGovern, argh!) they put up pictures of a person and then have superimpose somone's mouth while they are "interviewing" the person. So, they had Kucinich as this minute person and whenever Conan went to ask him, all you heard was this little whining sound. ROFL, it was funny. So funny when a falcon came in and whisked him away. It was pretty funny. Also they had the return of the Martha Clark demon who was scared away by a frothing Gov. Dean. hehehe.

I actually survived time with She Who Shall Not Be Named. Wow, I was surprised.

Courtesy of James, I got this nerd test. Everyone should try it:
26.19047619047619% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

Haha. James was like 54%. Of course I got the ST questions right and the LotR questions, but all of the rest. Who is John Connor? Is he from Terminator or something? I honestly have no clue. And I never watched The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen either.

Nik, you're completely right. DAMN YOU SHERMAN!!!!!!!!! GO FAVRE!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, GO MADDUX!!!!!!!!!!! At least sign with the Cubbies. I might not like it, but they'll give you run support which is nice and pretty necessary. The Padres will destroy you. I really think he will return there. They offered something like $14.75 for 2 years. The Padres offered like $6 for 1 year.

Oh and I'm into my 4th consecutive AFC Championship game in Madden 2004, hopefully winning to go to my 4th SB. I actually lost my 3rd SB, 23-21 to the Bucs when my defense literally died on the last play. I played prevent and somehow they pulled off 60-70 yd pass. Doh! I then boycotted (hehe) the Pro Bowl and went to drafting. I drafted Chris Dishman for my LE as a last second pick in the 2nd round and now I have a legitimate pass rusher, somebody I actually was missing before. The most sacks I got from one person before was 9 sacks in one year and 16 overall. This year, I got 13 from Dishman and got 25 sacks this year! Yay! Also, I got Rudy Rudd (argh what the blip of a name) for my #3 WR in the 1st round and he's also set a record for my #3 WR receptions. Before, it was 17, he got 26 this year. Downside though, Boston and Robinson and Shockey lost a fair amount of catches due to this and because I was much more run oriented this year (like the Pack) which is weird. Vick also got a walloping 243 rushing yards this year, breaking my record before of 196 yds. hehehe. Go me!

My quote tonight comes from Conan:
Conan: So Martha, you could go to jail.
Martha Stewart: No I won't
Conan. But,
MS (eyes getting demonlike): NO I WON'T (Picture cracks open to reveal a demon). I am Gorlok! You shall bow to me!
Conan: Wow, you're the most scariest thing I've ever seen.
Gorlok: That's just because you have not seen my evil inner core! (she cracks open to reveal...
"Hi, Everybody, I'm Hillary Clinton. Buy my new book!" (Conan runs away screaming

As I sit here, in the lab trying to work on my relativity homework, I find I cannot. Emily, do you HAVE TO LAUGH EVERY DAMN SECOND? I'm TRYING TO FRICKIN CONCENTRATE, YOU MORONIC FOOL!!!!

Nevermind, Joe is back.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

"Never post a blog after showering."

I have adopted that as a motto. After my shower last night, I had enough pent up rage to post a blog that would've flamed everyone I knew who was not related to me. I, in fact, wrote most of it , until I got bored and tired and went to bed. Whewwww...

In other places... Joe today decided to diss me when he basically insinuated that I had thrown away the job he gave me about a plug for a diffusion pump that we had found. HELLO!!! I basically categorized all of those damn cabinets in the frickin office? WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK I DO IN THAT PLACE? I CLEAN, I ALIGN THE FRICKIN BEAMS AND DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. I SIGNED ON TO DO PHYSICS AND I'M A BLOODY CLEANER! COME ON! WHAT THE BLIP IS GOING ON? JENN'S UNDERGRAD AT BERKELEY HAS HIS OWN LAB NOTEBOOK TO KEEP TRACK OF HIS EXPERIMENTS AND I JUST SIT AROUND AND GO LOOKING FOR DAMN PLUGS! I FRICKIN CLEAN DIFFUSION PUMPS AND GLASSWARE AND WHENEVER I ATTEMPT TO MAKE A LASTING CONTRIBUTION TO THIS FRICKIN LAB, IT GETS UNDONE! IF YOU DON'T WANT ME AROUND, THEN SAY "Scott, we don't want you here. Move your butt and leave here forever." IT WOULD MAKE MY LIFE EASIER!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhh

anyway... whateva..

oh and I have a new motto... "Don't write a blog after venting to a wall."

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Okay, before I go anywhere else, people I am sure are wondering why the name is (okay so just Emily is wondering, James and others know). Captain General Thorgul Carter started off in Minothor as just a random NPC. When I first put him in there, he had no background, no nothing. The only thing you knew was that he was in command of the armies and that he was having an affair with the Czarina of Baldarouka. However, over time, he evolved and was put into other situations with the intrepid adventurers, and so I eventually got a little attached to him. He was one of the deepest characters I ever created. He had his own demons and his own reasons for doing things. He always felt he was responsible for The Minillion Massacre and though he did leave the note on his desk ordering him to do it, he never did it, instead, Senior Lieutenant Meilan Sulandril, in a quest for power and favor, did it, executing the Trannyths and the honorable Captain Jonathan Touket. C'est la vie.


I have let many opportunities in life pass me by. I'm not kidding. For every one I take, I let 5 pass by. Can you say Eva? or even Beth? argh. What about Andrea ( I hope to God they never read this, but hey, I'm not too concerned) or even... no won't mention that name...

I have developed an unhealthy habit...I go to Starbucks now like 2-3 times a week. I have now gone to Starbucks more times in the past year than the 20 years before it.

Funny quote to depart with from The West Wing:
Qumari Ambassador: Leo, I understand that the President is hesitant to admit in an election year that he murdered the Qumari Defense Minister ... What did I say that was so funny?
Leo: You think that the President is concerned about LOSING votes? For him to sweep all 50 states and the District, he'd need to do two things: 1. Blow the brains out of the Sultan [ of Qumar ] in the middle of Times Square. 2. Walk over to the sidewalk and buy a Nathan's Hot Dog and eat it.

eh, funnier when you see John Spencer's facial expressions...

Ugh, my first post. I chose to do this cause a fair amount of people I know have a blog and I feel like ranting every once in a while.
Okay, first off, the Men's Basketball team got hosed tonight, and I mean hosed. Come on! If you're ranked in the top 25 you should defeat Seton Hall. Jeez. They were completely cold tonight. I could've beaten them, hehehehe.
Gephardt is gone from the Dem race, its pretty much down to Dean v. Kerry in NH. Whoever wins will then face off against Edwards in SC and Clark. Nothing new, whateva.
BTW- I have a Guillotine game for sale, $15. I bought one on Ebay, the guy didn't send it out, so I bought another one, and then after repeated threats of going to the US Postal Service and accusing them of mail fraud the Ebayer finally sent it out. Oh well, such is life.
I still have to finish the essays for the University of Maryland but at least I have rough drafts finished with a week to go, but they need to be polished.

"Abandon your posts! Flee for your lives!!!!!"- Denethor Return of the King