Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Spring is in the air...............

That's right. It's spring again.

Birds are chirping, Syracuse is thawing out, the Sun is finally being shown and Scott is analyzing his fantasy baseball team.


I once jokingly told Nik, "I can tell its spring when I start going. WHERE'S BASEBALL TONIGHT????"

Even last year, when I was playing Civ III, I was still watching the late night Baseball Tonight (midnight to 1 ET, ESPN2 and ESPN).

It's so I can not only follow my fantasy baseball team, follow the Phils but also just cause I like baseball. I look forward more to the opening of Baseball season than Football season (though once it gets in full swing, Football season wins, even over the WS unless the Phils are in it). I long to do some long toss, take a couple of swings and strike out somebody (WHO'S NEXT?). Baseball is meant to be fun. Baseball is our pastime and its nice and relaxing to watch but yet interesting enough to follow (For example, who will do better this year in the Bay Area sluggers, Bonds or Chavez?) Bonds will probably get walked around 180-200 times and have a higher OPS but Chavez's biggest problem is lefties. He's a career .220 hitters against southpaws (I just checked, he's .221!, DAMN, I'm good) If he faced northpaws all the time, he'd have a great life, but he'll still cement the 3-hole in the A's lineup or perhaps bat cleanup (If you didn't get that, WATCH MORE BASEBALL!).

I also like golf (as you guys know) and baseball as well as football. But this time, is the most exciting for me of the entire sportsyear.

Oh yeah, Will Lou bring the TB DRs to 70 wins? I think so, but .500? I doubt it.

Where's Nik when you need him?

"Maddux.... must get 300"

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

2 Defeats, a round of golf, and Puking...

All in ONE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!


That's right, this can be yours for a walloping 5 min of your time.

Okay, for those that don't know yet, I lost. Stanford rejected me and I got this rather obnoxious rejection letter from them. Jenn and I are thinking about going down to Palo Alto and bopping the person over the head who sent this to me.

The trip from hell starts Thursday (NOOOOOOO!!!). Well at least I get some good food (YAY!!!!!!) and two rounds of golf (DBL YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I want to hit that damn little ball 280 yds again (That is a rough estimate of my longest drive with my new driver, my average length is probably about 240 yds, my old average length was probably about 210-220 so by switching to a lighter club I've gained more head speed and with now using titanium and graphite shaft instead of steel, its helped also). The last time I played, one of the guys I played with complimented me on my swing saying that my swing overall looked very nice but that I slow down my hands when I hit the ball. I think he's right actually. When I play, if I think while I'm hitting the ball to "explode through the ball" with my arms, I usually go about 10-20 yards farther. I'm thinking that if I don't get a job this summer I might get some lessons. I'm not a bad player, but I'd like to see what happens. I also know about the terrors of golf lessons. Golf lessons, if done well, help the amateur alot. If done poorly, they can destroy your golf game for life! I'm not kidding here folks, I've heard plenty of stories where people were like me, they shot in the high 80's-90's and wanted to go that "extra" step so they hired a golf instructor who promptly told them to completely change their swing, when they did, they never adjusted to it and now pretty much suck. In fact, a PGA professional, when asking for help from one of the TOP instructors in the US told the guy, "just change one thing at a time, I want to be able to keep playing." it worked.

I also suppose congratulations are in order for Emily for finishing Atlas Shrugged. I truthfully didn't think she'd finish it in time folks. She had one month to read the last 160 pages or so of the book. The first 28 days, she read about 10 pages. The last day, she read 150 pages. I think it was just to tick me off, but hey, now I don't have to tell her how it ends.

That brings me to puking. I have no desire to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ but upon reading about it in two blogs and then how religion has saved somebody and kept them sane and how the movie completely sucked, it reminded how much I loath organized religion and people who go around saying "PRAISE THE LORD!" So therefore, I must condemn the 3/1 blog on Em's page. After reading an entire blog on theology, I really needed to barf, just like the athletes who go, "Thank the Lord for my accomplishment." I seriously doubt that God helped them do whatever they did. If I needed theology, I'd read the bible. OH WAIT! I ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!

And if you ever need a prayer before a meal, just follow my uncle Ken:
Thank God for the grub.
Yay, God!
Let's eat.

That's about the full limit of praising Him I can stand.

And NO I AM NOT AN ATHEIST! I do believe that there is a higher being up there, but I believe that He does not play as big a role in our lives as others do. I think the Deist said it correctly- God created the Universe, put it in motion, and now just watches for what happens.

As for Joe's review on Gibson's movie, I have not seen it all (just trailers and commercials) but from what I have seen, I have to agree, that it does seem extremely violent.

"May God go with you, for none of us will." - Aramis to D'Artagnan in L'Homme Dans le Masque de Fer