Saturday, May 29, 2004

I have a brand spanking new car!!!

That's right. My parents today bought me a new car. So, you're wondering. What car is it? Well I found a very accurate photo online and I posted it on my website so here it is:

My car!
(To get it to work, click on the link and then go up to the url on your browser and hit enter on the url) It can also be seen here but not in as much glory as the other pics.
(photos courtesy of

Wahoo! So I'm so stoked about it. I love the color!

Past that, not much else has happened. Detox is going well and I didn't particularly care for Shrek 2. I can't understand how people can bring their kids to it. Way too much social commentary in it.

I also got an apartment in Boulder as I needed one for my grad school. Private pool and clubhouse is just some of the pleasantries it includes.

Got off the deposit for grad school and now I am moving on to furniture. If anyone has a barrister bookcase they're willing to part with, I'd love to have one.

Umm I'm forgetting something... but I honestly don't know what. Life is good since I no longer... nm

Its a good thing to have good credit as my parents have shown me. They have extremely high credit since they have never missed a credit card payment and never go over the limit.

Oh yeah. Look here for the truth about above. lol.