Sunday, November 19, 2006

Which is easier to be elected as...?

A Conservative Democrat or a Liberal Republican?

A recent friend suggested to me, that in light of current events, I should consider a career in politics. I laughed it off, but the thought did occur to me, since I consider myself fairly moderate, I would probably be considered a Moderate Democrat or Centrist.

But which would it be easier to be elected as? A liberal Republican, or Conservative Democrat?

Most Liberal Republicans have been either ousted by their own party or been voted out of office. Chafee of Rhode Island comes immediately to mind. However, some more "liberal" Republicans, that would be probably consider a Moderate by the overall spectrum still remain in office. Schwarzenegger is easily more to the left than most Republicans from the Bible Belt. Other "Republicans in Name Only" include 3 senators that are thought to perhaps switch party after the GOP's humiliating defeat, Senators Specter, Collins and Snowe. Other prominent Liberal Republicans can be found here Scary part about this is most of these Liberal Republicans, I find myself agreeing with on several issues.

Conservative Democrats (or "Blue Dogs") tend to be the modern version of Dixiecrats and follow in the footsteps of conservative Democratic Presidents (the most prominent of which include Truman - West Wing watchers may remember President Walken debating with Lily Tomlin whether or not Truman would be a Republican today.) Most of these peoples' views include pro-life stances and pro-NRA. This alone would tell me that I am not a Conservative Democrat but in the last term, 37 members of the Democratic party considered themselves Blue Dogs (see

So which is it? Is it easier to be elected as a Conservative Democrat or Liberal Republican? I think it partly has to do of course with the constituents. Notice, a lot of the blue dog democrats come from the west and South where the Liberal Republicans seem to come more from the Industrial Northeast and Caleefornnniaa (sp intentional). In today's political environment though, nationally, probably a Conservative Democrat running for election last week just due to the negative stereotype associated with the GOP, courtesy of George W. Bush.


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