Friday, July 15, 2005

I Have Conquered the Furbolgs...

..and the Chimaera, and the Shardtooth Bears, and the Frostmaul Giants.

That's right. I have killed over 7600 Furbolgs, 1500 Chimaeras, 1500 Bears, and 400 Giants have all died since I first began my epic journey over 13 weeks ago.

But it is done.

Look and REJOICE, all ye who despair. I shall upload a pic of me in Feralas at what I think is the best looking place in the entire game later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Why we like Quel'Serrar

So some ppl asked why I went on about the sword.

Yes, it looks cool but it also has the ability. (You can scroll down to the link and look at it). It has a chance on hit to increase defense by 300 for a certain length of time. When this happens, thbat means that the tank becomes a better tank and has a 12% chance of dodging an attack. That is really good since most tanks only start off with a 15% chance to begin with (I have a 6%).

And on top of it, it procs (occurs) like crazy. I would put in the exact comment me and my guild leader made when watching him tank on a DM West run but I would probably lose my blog due to the excessive swearing.

Overall the Hand of Ragnaros is better, but is a LOT harder to get. It requires something like 50 Arcanite Bars (cost of each: 30 g) and 8 Sulfuron Ingots which only drop off of Sulfuron Harbringer in Molten Core, at most 2 per run, usually you get like 1 if any. And it also requires a LOT more of common drops and bars but it is really hard to get (and it requires 2 Legendary Drops off of Sulfuron and Ragnaros, forgot that, total Legendary drops on ALL OF UTHER ALLIANCE SIDE: 5) This requires an epic drop (which is not nearly as bad as legendary) and a quest line completed. So a lot of guys go after this sword instead.

And recently, I obtained a new piece of gear, The Chestplate of Tranquility. This ups my rejuvenation to 281! 19 away from my goal.

Oh and as of this second, 241 more furbolgs must die.

Feel for the Furbolgs, for they must die.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


There is a sword in WoW that everyone wants (unless if u have the Hand of Ragnaros) . It is the "High Blade" the Coolest Sword in the game, Quel'Serrar . This sword not only has good stats and a cool proc ability, it also looks REALLY COOL.

(As seen in the picture)

In case, you didn't get it, one of our warriors completed the quest line and got it yesterday. Notice the green glow. ME WANT. lol.

Oh and I have a funny pic from MC that I will post later.

No new news on the rejuvenation tick. Still at 276.

Only have 77.9 quests to go on the mount, so that means that 779 more furbolgs must die.

Feel for the Furbolgs. For they must die.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Random Number Generator and how it affects you!

(Author's Note: When I first heard this story, I didn't find it that funny, but as time has progressed, I have found it to be more and more hilarious. I hope the reader does find it funny as well.)

It is customary in a MC fight to put your strongest players up front. Whether this means someone is tanking the main boss or the mage is delegated the task to remove the curses off of said tank, this is something that is standard in all groups.

When it comes to healing rotations, it is standard to put the best healers in the front. Right now, the uninformed reader is asking, "What is a healing rotation?" Basically it comes down to this. You take X number of healers and divide them into Y number of groups with X/Y healers per group. The goal of this is to maintain healing on your players and to give the healers a chance to regenerate mana. Also, you put your best healers in group 1 and then so on, this way the healers at the front will have a greater opportunity to heal than the people in the back groups.

However, problems may still arise. Such is the case when you have 2 healers looking at a tank with half health. They both will probably whip out their appropriate spells to heal for 2000 damage and will waste mana or perhaps they will just be slow on the uptake. Like this time.

So me and this priest were healing the main tank. He was approximately at half health and then we both started healing. We however, were not fast enough and the tank got hit again and we were sure he was a goner. Then we noticed something: he was alive.

It wasn't until later that we found out how close of a call it was. Not only he was alive. He had 12 hit points! 12 out of about 5800! Ouch. The main tank said later that he was practically screaming at his computer "HEAL ME NOW" Of course the priest's response was "Well you had [Scott] and me, so WHAM! You were saved." The main tank agreed and it was true within a second of him being at 12 hp, he was at 4100 hp and back up and going. But still, it was a close call.

BTW I am now posting my progress towards the elusive 300 per tick on my rejuvenation. That means I get 100 hp healed PER SECOND. Which is pretty good for a spell that only costs 1/3 of my Healing Touch. Right now I have: 276 with the addition of the Emerald Flame Ring . To figure out how much it adds to the total, take the number in green that it says it adds to healing and divide by 4. I am still far away from my goal as there are several pieces out there I want.

(The thought just occurred to me that some people might not know what this means. Rejuvenation is an instant cast spell that heals 908 over 12 seconds. It only costs half the amount of my main healing spell but that is 3.5 seconds long to cast whereas this is instant. No prep time required, when I get 300 per tick, I heal 1200 hp over 12 seconds. Right now I am healing 1104 which is close but not close enough)

Also I am posting my progress towards my mount:
Quests REQUIRED: 840
Quests COMPLETED: 722.3
Quests TO GO: 117.7
Number of Furbolgs that will be killed assuming I only do the Furbolg Quest: 1177
Furbolgs Killed Today: 133

Feel for the furbolgs. For they must die.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Idiot Paladins Part Deux

Okay, so some of you have heard the story about the Idiot Paladins...

In World of Warcraft (WoW), On Thursday Night me and my guild did a 10 man raid of Stratholme, Live Side (Which means that you kill some demented people and then at the end of the fight, you fight the dreadlord Balnazzar and he dropped this mace. This is the BEST Paladin Mace in the Game. There is no other mace that is that good and with us having three paladins, we thought for sure that a paladin would get it, but as it turned out. One paladin had it and used it, one paladin had it but didn't use it and the third just passed all together, so the druid (moi) got it instead. Go me.

Last night comes along and we go back into the Molten Core to fight Lucifron and Magmadar. We start assembling our people and soon notice that we only have 2 paladins. 2 paladins. You usually get like 4 or 5.

We split up into our groups of 5 and I soon notice that I am put into Group 1, The Main Tank group. No biggie, I've done this before. The mage says: "No offense , but shouldn't we get a paladin for this group?"

The priest, who is the raid leader replies. "NO, Not with these 2 paladins."


Eventually another paladin comes and I get moved to group 4 and I get put with this priest who is in charge of healing the group. While we are fighting Luci, I notice that his mana bar is practically full when he dies. I'm healing like mad and only take a break long enough to get enough mana to decurse myself and then battle rez the main tank. Afterwards, the warrior in our group asks me if I was doing all of the healing, to which I reply yes and we both roll our eyes when the priest gets one of the loot off of Lucifron. This is not fair. hehehe