Friday, February 06, 2004

Update on the standings

Tonight, in Round 3 of the Vidali Lab Guillotine Championship:

Joe and Emily put the hurt down on Scott in game 1. Scott attempted to valiantly fight back but a Tragic Figure screwed him over. Combine that with bad math on his part, he was only able to gain third place while Joe pulled out the win.
In game 2, Scott pulled out an early lead but a switchero between him and Joe put him 6 points behind. He managed to fight back and win the game. Em came in dead last.
In game 3, it was close going into day 3 but Scott pulled it out.

Tonight's point total:
Scott- 7 points
Joe- 7 points
Em- 4 points

Running total (after three rounds):
Scott- 23.5 points
Joe- 17.5 points
Em- 13 points

Separation is starting to show between all three of the places. Only time will tell. Only three rounds have been played (9 games), more will come.


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