Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My new weapon.

For 8 months I had , Trindlehaven a staff that had served me well and faithfully.

It was there when I singlehandedly saved the raid from Onyxia. It was there while I got a full Cenarion set of epic gear. It was there when I killed Onyxia, Ragnaros and Nefarian all for the first time. It saw Hakkar die. It was there for the 3 weeks in July when I spent every waking day in Dire Maul west, attempting to get the Chestplate of Tranquility.

However, it has moved to a new home. Into the depths of my vault at the First Bank of Ironforge or into my belongings of the United Elven Bank of Darnassus.

This is because, last week, after waiting a long time to get a new weapon, I finally gave in when I saw thisLok'amir il Romathis. And then I was awarded the Master Dragonslayer's Orb to complement my new weapon. It has higher stats than my old 2 handed staff and has significantly more to hezaling. I enchanted my "Lok" with +55 to healing to give that weapon alone +139 to healing! When I looked at all my gear and noting that I have no +healing items in my trinket slots I have +548 to healing. That makes my rejuv tick for a whopping 346 per tick or 115 every second. And this is without me having 2 pieces of my Stormrage set (which will give even more, probably around another 40-50 healing) and no healing enchant on my gloves (another 30) and not using Brilliant Mana Oil (+24 healing). When all is said and done, I could have my rejuv ticking for around 375.

Aq has still not opened yet, alas. And there are still 4 more items I want in BWL (as well as at least 2 items- maybe 3 in AQ40).

More to come in the coming months.